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Why would you go to a specialty shop to buy your jerky?  The simple answer is that "jerky is our business" but that is only half our name!

We have travelled far and wide and sampled jerky and meat snacks from many producers to find that no one producer had a monopoly on good taste! We feature the best of the best to provide you with a wide variety to please your palate.

If you want to make your own jerky we have complete jerky making kits as well as a wide selection of jerky cure and seasonings to suit a variety of taste buds. 

If you're looking to make your own sausage, we have kits for that too, as well as summer and breakfast sausage seasoning and casings.

If your just a back yard barbeque kind of person, we stock smoker boxes and wood chips and smoker tins that let you add a special flair to your next meat, poultry and fish entree.

If you have ever wondered how wild game such as Antelope, Ostrich, Elk, Buffalo, Wild Boar, Alligator, Venison & Kangaroo taste stop by or go to our on-line catalog and pick out a variety of wild game meat snacks!

How hot is HOT?  We stock hot sauces for the meek to the insane!  If your not sure where you fit on that scale we even stock an adjustable hot sauce that lets you dial your own degree of heat!

We stock a wide variety of unique Salsa and Barbeque sauces along with hard to find seasonings from around the world.

We also hold a special affinity for our armed forces so we offer special gift boxes for our troops as well as discounts for active duty personnel.

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