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   Gift Baskets and More...

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Jerky-N-Spice is the perfect place to shop for your last minute Holiday Shopping needs.

We have a nice selection of gift baskets or gift packages or will create one specifically for your needs.  Come in and pick up some hot sauces, jerky or meat snacks and make your own gift pack!! Or pick up a PETA Tee Shirt to give someone a laugh.

So choose from one of Ohio's largest selections of Jerky, Hot Sauces, Spices and Snacks to create a memorable gift.

Prices starting at $15.


HOT Sauces and Spices make great gifts.  We have the hottest you'll find anywhere.  Whether your taste is mild or wild, we have a sauce or seasoning to fit your palate.

Jerky-N-Spice also stocks Jerky Kits, Jerky  and Sausage Seasoning, Smokers, Wood chips, Smokehouse cans and more.

So stop in and we'll make up that special basket just for you.

It also makes a great corporate gift!

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