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We have one of the largest selections of Hot Sauces in the Cleveland area. We were named "the best place in Cleveland to burn your tongue off" by The Scene Magazine


We carry a wider selection of Hot Sauces at the store as well as a wide selection on-line. So stop by our store or shop on line at Hot Sauces & More .

If you're looking to give a hot sauce for a gift you can also consider our Hot Sauce of the Month Club


Here are just a sampling of some of the sauces we carry.

Whether your looking for the hottest sauce available Mad Dog's 357 Putonium at 9 Million Scoville Units


Mad Dog's 357 5  Million Scoville Extract!




Blair's 2 AM Blair's 3 AM Dave's Private Reserve


Mad Dog's 357 Ghost Pepper Sauces that will make you sweat just holding the bottle (made from the world's hottest pepper-- Bhut Jolokia



If your taste is on the milder side we have sauces that run the range from pleasing to death defying.



If your not sure--- you can try an assortment so why don't you drop in for the widest selection of hot sauces in the area!


For a more complete listing of the sauces available visit our on line store at ... Hot Sauces & More

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