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  Early day pioneers didn't know the jerky they made with lean meat was a healthy, high energy food.  Jerky is still a wholesome and nutritious snack choice for us today.

Make your own Jerky year round for a low fat high protein packed snack anytime!

Jerky is fun, economical and easy to make and the Jerky Master provides all that you'll need to start making Jerky right away.

It provides you with a nozzle to make Smokies (meat sticks) as well!.

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You might prefer your jerky cut from muscle meat like bottom round or flank steak etc

To assist you in cutting your meat we offer this complete kit from Hi Moutain which includes a quality board and super sharp knife along with seasonings to make your own jerky.


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The Original Jerky Kit from Weston Products includes...

This kit offers more professional drying racks, a heavier duty jerky gun and a convenient pestle for loading the jerky gun

  • Jerky Gun Jr.
  •  Attachments
  • 3 Tier Drying Rack
  • Weston Jerky Dust Seasoning
  • Cleaning Brush


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