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Early day pioneers didn't know the jerky they made with lean meat was a healthy, high energy food.  Jerky is still a wholesome and nutritious snack choice for us today.

Make your own Jerky, Sausage or Snackin Sticks  year round for a low fat high protein packed snack anytime!

Jerky-n-Spice offers several selections from Hi Mountain to do just that.

Hi Mountain Home Sausage Making Kits


Hi Mountain Offers a wide variety of sausage making kits all of which include  Hi Mountain's delicious seasonings, cure and the appropriate casings and instructions.   These kits allow you to season between 24 and 30 lbs. of meat depending on the sausage type.


$25.95 ea.

Hi Mountain Jerky Cure & Seasoning  Kits


Each Kit can season up to 15 lbs of Meat

Contains 1 Seasoning Packet & 1 Cure Packet and 1 Mixing Jar with complete instructions.

Available in over 12 different flavors.

      $8.99 ea.




Hi Mountain Breakfast Sausage  Kits




Enough seasoning for 24lbs of  meat

Nothing tastes better than Homemade Breakfast Sausage.  Choose from a wide selection of flavors.  Just add your meat to make your own!




$8.99 ea.







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Hi Mountain "Snakin Stick" Kits

Try our new Hi Mountain Original Snackin' Sticks Kit. It is created  a wonderful snack for camping, hunting, hiking or whatever

Kit includes everything you need to make great snack sticks at home. Use it with beef, poultry, pork or wild game. Will do up to 20 lbs of meat.

Kits Contains:
  • 2 3 oz. Seasoning Packets

  • 2 4.2 oz. Cure Packets

  • 2 strands of 21mm Collagen Casings

  • Instructions

$21.99 ea.






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