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Hi Mountain Home Sausage Kits

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We have Hi Mountain's Home Sausage kits in Stock.  Each Sausage kit contains two 4.2 oz. packets of Hi Mountain Maple Cure, two 10 oz. Hi Mountain Summer Sausage Seasoning packets, one packet of mahogany casings and detailed instructions.   This is enough to season 30lbs of meat. 

We presently only have Bratwurst in Stock

You can also add a Link Master Nozzle to the  Jerky Master to create your own sausages or you can order the the Link Master Kit separately.  

Try our new Hi Mountain Original Snackin' Sticks Kit. Great flavor and a wonderful snack when camping, hunting or hiking.


We also stock multiple flavors of High Mountain's Breakfast Sausage Seasoning    

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